Event Calendar

There will be an amazing array of social events at the club each month in the season!! Here’s the current planned schedule for 2012/13 – get those dates in your diaries now!

  • Saturday 6th October PUB GOLF
  • Saturday 27th October QUIZ NIGHT
  • Saturday 10th November FIREWORKS NIGHT hosted by our lovely Ladies 1′s squad.
  • Saturday 8th December X-MAS CLUB DINNER
  • Saturday 9th February VALENTINE SHENANIGANS
  • Saturday 2nd March RACE NIGHT hosted by our handsome Men’s 1′s squad
  • Saturday 27th April END of SEASON AWARDS DINNER

Details of each evening will be publicised in detail nearer the time of each event! Information is also located on the Reading HC Facebook and Twitter pages and group, as well as through posters etc around the clubhouse!!

Useful facebook links below!
Reading HC Page
Social Calendar

Feel free to contact Tino or Hannah about anything to do with the Reading H.C. social scene! We’re saddos who hang around the club alot but if you can’t locate us, despite having no friends, we also have mobile phones and e-mail addresses!!

Your loyal Social Secs,

Tino 07736 666746 ahmettuney@hotmail.com
Hannah 07789 782593 hannah.rigby1@btinternet.com