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Use this if you would like a daily digest of the latest news emailed directly to your inbox between 5pm and 7pm each evening.  Any article that has been posted to the site that day will be emailed to you in a single email.

Simply click on a link below to select the articles you’d like to receive.  Then enter your email address and the symbols displayed (a security measure to make sure you’re human).  You will then be sent an email asking you to confirm your email address and that you want to signup.  That’s it.  You will then receive one email a day (unless you sign up for multiple categories), between 5 and 7pm containing the relevant articles posted that day.  If there aren’t any articles that day you won’t receive an email.  This is an automated service, the email address your supply will only ever be used for this daily mailing, no other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the email.

You can choose to receive:

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Get everything. Get all news articles from any category (note you won’t need to subscribe to any of the other digests below if you choose this option).

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Notifications of events only.

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Only get articles about the Mens 1XI

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Have a newsreader?  Like to get all your news in one place.  Really dig RSS? (Don’t have any idea what this is about?  Read this handy guide from the BBC)

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