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Travel Fundraising 2014

Reading Hockey Club had the most successful year ever in 2013 – both the men and ladies first squads have qualified to play in European competitions taking place this spring.

  • The ladies qualified for the EuroHockey Indoor Women’s Trophy to be played in Lithuania in February
  • The men reached the finals of EuroHockey League Cup Competition and will travel to Eindhoven in April
  • The ladies will also travel to The Netherlands in April to play in the EuroHockey Club Champions Cup
  • As an amateur sports club we are hugely proud of our successes, however the financial burden of the club of being able to fund four trips to Europe, as well as ensuring that the clubhouse and facilities are maintained at the required level that we at Reading and the hockey community expect of us, is huge.

    Although the club contributes to some costs, the players have to fund their travel and accommodation themselves, so the club and players are reaching out to friends of the hockey community to ask for donations to contribute towards the costs of these trips.

    The club members have been running many fund-raising activities during the season – from Master Classes at other clubs to selling Reading Hockey Young Ones Onesies and social events. The cost of funding 4 trips into Europe in one season has put a financial strain on the players and the club.

    Men’s Success

    The men have already travelled to Lille for the first round of the Euro Hockey League and in April face a trip to the Netherlands for the extended KO16 competition.

    The Men’s 1st XI has competed in Europe every year for the past 18 years – an achievement not matched by any other club side in England.

    Jonty Clarke GB and England international and long term member of the club said “It is what we look forward to every year; a chance to compete with the best players and best club teams in the World. We play as amateurs against professionals and we compete.
    We have had great success, most notably winning the European cup in 2003, and finishing 3rd in the EHL in 2011, but now we face being victims of our own success, with the club’s resources having to be spread further than ever. We are very proud of our record in European competition, and we desperately want to bring more success to the club.

    Richard Springham, Men’s Captain: “Qualifying for European competition for 18 consecutive years is a huge achievement and we are honoured to represent England clubs in this competition

    Ladies Success

    In addition to their indoor trip in February, the ladies will also travel to the Netherlands during April, for their outdoor competition, the Women’s Club Champions Cup. At these tournaments they will play the top clubs from Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and a host of other strong hockey nations. Kate Richardson-Walsh is keen that despite the distractions of the financial side of things, Reading go and give a good account of themselves: “You don’t just want to go out there and make up the numbers, you want to compete and the only way to do that is try and be as professional as the teams you are coming up against

    Alex Danson, GB and England international said: “We are really looking forward to playing in both European Competitions and hope that we can find the funds to enable the team to participate against the top European indoor and outdoor teams”.
    I have been playing at Reading for 10 years and this is the highlight of my career to play in two European campaigns in one season”, said Emma Thomas, Captain of the Ladies squad.

    The Players are keen to give something back, whether that’s advertising at Sonning Lane or on the players’ kits, coaching sessions at different clubs, appearances at clubs by their many Olympians and international stars, there are many different ways people or businesses can get something back for their money.

    Reading Hockey Club based in Sonning, Reading, and caters for all levels of player, including junior members. Many members of the first team squads play internationally in the GB, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and South Africa teams.

    Anyone who wishes to donate via Paypal can do so here:

    Here are the donations that we have received so far, Reading Hockey club’s members and players would like to thank everyone who supports hockey and this club.
    Every single donation is greatly received and appreciated.

    Blue Army Supporter £10 Come on the Ding
    Blue Army Supporter £10 Good Luck
    Ladies Supporter £400
    Turquoise Supporter £500 As a long time hockey player and member of the hockey family, happy to help other Clubs/Teams where I can. I hope all goes well with the fund raising and having taken over two years to raise funds for our astro resurfacing and then having to deal with VAT problems since, I wish you all ‘all the best’ with things.
    S Duncan £20
    N Robinson £50
    z Yates £10 I don’t have much, but I hope that this helps
    A O’Regan £30 Best of luck with your fundraising and of course all the tournaments
    Emerald Isle Hockey Fan
    D McArthur £20
    P Theodorou £50 Hope you get all the funds you need
    R Bone £50
    J Stock £20
    D Biggs £50
    L Canham £10 Good luck in all your European endeavours!! London 2012 rekindled my interest in hockey after many years. I’m too old to play now so my involvement is only from the stands, but I still like to think of myself as part of the hockey family, and I am pleased
    A Fletcher £10 Good luck in your Euro exploits! Cheers, Fletch – City of York HC
    S Fry £50
    H Martn £100
    J Exton £50
    M Graham £5
    F Matthews £10
    P Messenger £10
    J Gunn £10
    A member of the 2003 squad £100 Winning in Europe is not about being the best side in the tournament. Several teams could win it each year. Winning is about being 1/2 percent better than the rest in many different aspects. How u warm up, how u warm down, how you train, how much you help your mates, how fit u are, how u eat, how much you respect and follow your coach/Physio/manager, how you sleep, and of course how you play. But none of these will make u winners. The key ingredient to winning is your inner belief in your own ability and the ability of ur teammates. When things are going wrong, when you are 1-0 down with 5 to play and the opposition have been all over you all game – do you still believe? If 16 of you plus the coaching staff do then you can beat the best in Europe without being the best in Europe.
    That’s how we won in Brussels in 2003 and it can be done again.
    Best of luck. You deserve what you put into it and you deserve what you believe.
    R Yih £20
    F Dick £10 Good luck to your teams!
    L Davis £50
    B Danbury £50 No preference where the donation is spent at all, just want to help where I can. Good luck with your European campaigns, Cheers
    C Locke £100 Just a little something for my favourite team :) Hope this helps to get you guys to Europe! A thank you from me to you all for being fab, hockey makes me very happy so it’s nice to be able to give a little something back. Good luck with your fundraiser
    It is an absolute pleasure to be able to make a donation to a cause I am very passionate about.
    I have been following Reading after my first taste of hockey at the premier league finals weekend last year, I’m hooked now!
    Would be very happy to continue to support Reading in any way I can whether financially or otherwise in any future fundraisers.
    Am very much looking forward to watching Reading win the maxi fuel finals this weekend!! – And excited about all the things happening for women’s hockey this year.
    Kind regards
    A proud ding supporter!
    Claire ( oneposhbird on twitter )
    5th Gear £20
    A Turnbull £20 Good Luck Reading HC!!!
    J Dobson £10
    D Shakespeare £200
    B Liu Ming-Tak £10
    J Sandell £35
    J Gibbon £10 Good Luck In Europe
    Reading Supporter £20 Good Luck Reading
    D Wright £200
    Kate and Helen Richardson- Walsh Kit sales £200

    Thank You.