South Bucks 1 – Reading 4s 1

By Reading Hockey Club • Dec 16th, 2013 • Category: L4, Match Reports

In the bleak Midwinter a frosty wind did blow, the pitch was hard as iron, and we were in Slough.

We started well and passed the ball wide and around and WE SCORED! By Tracy and in the right goal – a Christmas miracle.

The game was quite end to end and our midfield worked their little Christmas stockings off, we defended solidly as an overcooked Christmas pudding and our forwards pushed forward like reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh. We had a few attacks and short corners, but unfortunately weren’t able to extend our lead. S. Bucks pressed hard in the second half and were naughty rather than nice and were rewarded by “Santa Claus coming to town” (umpire, who unfortunately only saw the ball hit Karen’s foot rather than the S. B. player kicking it onto her foot) giving a short corner which unfortunately they converted – quite well, it must be said, but we was robbed!

Big Christmas thanks all, especially Ash, MOM Lucy, Rachel and Emily, plus our Coach-For-The-Day, Ellie. Very well played to the whole team – God bless us everyone!

Match report from 4′s..1-1 draw v South Bucks Ladies 2′s

But it was only a Winter’s tale…

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