Wokingham 3′s 5 – 0 Reading Ladies 4′s

By Reading Hockey Club • Jan 13th, 2014 • Category: L4, Match Reports

Saturday 11th January

The new year started with a ladies section meeting of all captains last week. With 7 Reading Ladies Teams it always takes a while to get to the relevant points for us, and I have to admit that I have been known to let my mind wander…. This Wednesday was just one of those occasions when the mention of nags and hypos brings me back to the table. We must have reached the point in the meeting when it was time for me to contribute. But hang on, we seem to be discussing some of our colts, and some of our very good colts at that. And then the penny drops. We are discussing NAGS (National Age Group Squads) and HiPo’s (High Potential Tier 2 players).

But I digress. Where were we? Ah yes, just down the road in Wokingham playing their Ladies 3′s. Judging by the quality of the warm up, the Christmas break seemed to have given plenty of opportunities to ‘refresh parts other beers cannot reach’. I blame the sun (and some rather good break away play by their forwards) but before we had even begun to wake up we were 4-0 down. Not a great start to the 2014 campaign but as usual we showed dogged 4′s determination and only lost the second half 1-0. It was a good team performance and there were definitely hints of how we could play with some accurate passing and calling. Man of the match went to Tammy, with the bandanna backs performing their usual heroics. Ant and Kelly were terrier like in the midfield, Audrey was a steadying influence wherever she cropped up, and boy have I missed Tracy’s booming voice (and glaring stares) when another of her crosses or strong hits fails to connect with one of our sticks for a certain goal.

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