Wycombe Ladies 5′s 1-1 Reading Ladies 4′s

By Reading Hockey Club • Feb 4th, 2014 • Category: L4, Match Reports

Saturday 1st February

Even more exciting than having a full squad for Saturday’s game and so nearly winning, was the quiet admission by Kelly that not only had she been whisked away to Venice for a surprise weekend by boyfriend Casey, she was now engaged. Congratulations to both of you. I hope you have a long and happy marriage.

So back to more mundane matters – a report of the game on Saturday. Bev and Tino’s session at training clearly made a difference and we took to the pitch full of energy and attacking intent. And wow did it work! As a forward it was so nice to have so much company from my own team mates in the attacking D and the sustained pressure soon saw us up by a goal (Tracy). More goals looked likely with Tracy and Trina pouncing on anything in the vicinity of the goal but they just didn’t come. Wycombe finally got hold of the ball and started attacking themselves. One of these moves saw them scrabbling a goal to leave us 1-1 at half time.

Regrouping at half time saw us take to the field for the second half with more attacking intent. Man of the match Emma spearheaded the attack ably supported by Shakila, Tilly and Kelly. Our midfield were able to play much higher up the pitch and the entire defensive unit of Tammy, Karen, Sandra, Heidi (still reeling from a £100 speeding fine on the way to the pitch), Janice, Amanda M-B and Zoe, returning from injury in goal, dealt calmly with any breakaway attacks from Wycombe. Sadly the winning goal just didn’t come, though Kelly came very close. Overall it was a hard fought game played in good spirit throughout. Encouragement should be given for the 2 young umpires provided by Wycombe.

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