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Within the next 18 months the water based carpet will need to be replaced. In order for us to be able to afford the high quality surface that we are all used to and proud of, we need to top up the Asset replacement fund so that we have enough money to replace it.

There is a fair amount of money in the pot already, but in order for us to provide you with a top of the range surface we need about £250k.

Pitch Squares:

So to help us get moving towards our target we have started “selling” off our pitch for just £10 per square.
Bargain I hear you all cry !!

We are lucky enough to have two pitches so we are going to “sell” them both. There are 300 squares on each pitch (600 in total) – that’s a whopping £6000 if we manage to sell all the squares, plus if you are a tax payer we
can gift aid your donation as well.

For every 100 square sold there will be a lucky dip and the winning square will receive £50!

So buy a water based and/or sand based square for just £10 and help raise funds for the replacement of the Water based pitch. There is no restriction on how many squares you can buy.
The squares have been divided up into Colts, Ladies and Mens squares, so you will need to check with you section seller which squares you can have. If you want a particular square then just go to the section seller and buy it off them.

Chief Sellers:
Colts: Clare Maidlow and
Ladies: Blanche Maslan
Men’s: Chris Dench
Keep an eye out on the notice boards for further in formation

Professional Photos of Reading Players and members:

Here is another fundraising idea for you to help raise funds for the club:

Ravi Ghowry is a member of our club and is also an avid photographer. He regularly takes photos of the Men and Ladies 1st XI games and also videos a number of their games for analysis and use on Reading Hockey TV
If you buy copies or downloads of the Photos that he has taken, he will donate 25% of all sales to the Asset Replacement fund.

He will take photos of the Reading games and players, from our Next Generation Colts to our heroic Elite squads and not forgetting the seemingly indestructible Vets sides.

He will all the photos onto his website where you will be able to view and then buy them

Ravi will be at as many home games as possible and will ask permission of the captains / coaches of both teams prior to him taking any pictures.

If any parents specifically wishes or does not wish to have photos taken on their children, then please let him know when you see him on the pitch side.

Example of prices:
£4.00 for a 6”x4”print plus postage and packaging
£5.00 for a 10” x 8” print plus postage and packaging
For a download of a photo, this would cost you £5.00

RSKG Photo Flyer PDF

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