Ladies 2As 1 – Amersham & Chalfont 0

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Saturday Feb 1st

Well the morning didn’t get off to a very smooth start when it was discovered no one had arrived to open up the clubhouse. After 25 minutes of phoning around and most people not answering their phones we decided to start warming up instead. Fortunately it was a glorious sunny morning – something not seen for a while this winter!

Panic set in when Laura thought there were 16 players, having made sure Ellie hadn’t been mistakenly included, a quick glance at the list identified that Laura had noted down 3 instead of 2 Alice’s. DOD chosen! (Pre match again!)

This sunshine proved to be a bit of an issue as A&C wore white and Reading were in their home shirts of light blue, playing into the sun it was especially difficult. However, the umpires couldn’t see any issues before the start of play.

Reading settled quickly and spent most of the first half in A&C’s half with a few breaks to the Reading 25. There was lots of strong transferring of the ball round the back between Beverley, Alice, Anna and Darcy requiring the mids and forwards to work hard off the ball. Fen held the middle linking up with the rotating forwards including Kymran, Abbie, Kryssie, Philippa, Alice A, Jess, Amy Helen K and Abigail T.

There was lots of great play upfront however, at times our passing could have been stronger, more movement up front and we definitely needed to be far more clinical in front of goal. The A&C goalie regularly dove to the floor and Reading hit the ball straight at her instead of going round, creating 2 on 1′s or flicking over her. By half time we should have been 3-0 up instead of 0-0.

Half time the umpires still said they could clearly see white and light blue shirts in the sun however, both teams agreed they couldn’t so A&C put on fluorescent yellow bibs, this combined with Reading no longer playing into the sun made it so much easier to see team mates!

Much like the first half Reading spent most of it in A&C’s half, switching the ball round with Laura encouraging the team to be more direct. The post was hit, maybe more than once and the ball rolled across the face of goal more than once too. After a few unsuccessful short corners, eventually the deadlock was finally broken and Helen K scored! Reading worked hard to ensure they maintained possession and didn’t give away the lead, Jess might have had a save or two to make but Reading continued to press for a second goal.

Time was eventually blown to make it two wins in a row for the 2a’s!

Well done to all the forwards working hard up front with lots of subbing.

DOD – Laura
MOM – Kymran

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