Ladies 2a

Ladies 2As 1 – Amersham & Chalfont 0

By Reading Hockey Club • Feb 6th, 2014 • Category: L2A, Match Reports

Saturday Feb 1st

Well the morning didn’t get off to a very smooth start when it was discovered no one had arrived to open up the clubhouse. After 25 minutes of phoning around and most people not answering their phones we decided to start warming up instead. Fortunately it was a glorious sunny morning – something not seen for a while this winter!

Panic set in when Laura thought there were 16 players, having made sure Ellie hadn’t been mistakenly included, a quick glance at the list identified that Laura had noted down 3 instead of 2 Alice’s. DOD chosen! (Pre match again!)

This sunshine proved to be a bit of an issue as A&C wore white and Reading were in their home shirts of light blue, playing into the sun it was especially difficult. However, the umpires couldn’t see any issues before the start of play.

Reading settled quickly and spent most of the first half in A&C’s half with a few breaks to the Reading 25. There was lots of strong transferring of the ball round the back between Beverley, Alice, Anna and Darcy requiring the mids and forwards to work hard off the ball. Fen held the middle linking up with the rotating forwards including Kymran, Abbie, Kryssie, Philippa, Alice A, Jess, Amy Helen K and Abigail T.

There was lots of great play upfront however, at times our passing could have been stronger, more movement up front and we definitely needed to be far more clinical in front of goal. The A&C goalie regularly dove to the floor and Reading hit the ball straight at her instead of going round, creating 2 on 1′s or flicking over her. By half time we should have been 3-0 up instead of 0-0.

Half time the umpires still said they could clearly see white and light blue shirts in the sun however, both teams agreed they couldn’t so A&C put on fluorescent yellow bibs, this combined with Reading no longer playing into the sun made it so much easier to see team mates!

Much like the first half Reading spent most of it in A&C’s half, switching the ball round with Laura encouraging the team to be more direct. The post was hit, maybe more than once and the ball rolled across the face of goal more than once too. After a few unsuccessful short corners, eventually the deadlock was finally broken and Helen K scored! Reading worked hard to ensure they maintained possession and didn’t give away the lead, Jess might have had a save or two to make but Reading continued to press for a second goal.

Time was eventually blown to make it two wins in a row for the 2a’s!

Well done to all the forwards working hard up front with lots of subbing.

DOD – Laura
MOM – Kymran

Wycombe 0 – Reading 2As 4

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Match Report 2as vs Wycombe Ladies Saturday Dec 7th
Result: 4-0 Boom!

Reading went out with intent to win their last league game of 2013 to end the year on a high.

Reading were on the attach from the start with a central midfield of Darcy, Helen and Kym moving the ball round and running at Wycombe looking out for runs from the starting forward line of Amy, Charlotte and Holly. (Holly did turn up with astros this week as promised by her Mum, in fact they were the shoes she had to buy last week! It would appear Holly likes them and is keeping them). Any attacks from Wycombe down the wings were quickly snuffed out by the half backs Alice and Phoebe. Whilst the gruesome twosome (according to Laura) of Emma and Anna worked well together at centre back.

Wycombe had some zippy forwards that Emma dealt with well as always and Anna made some great passes from the back cutting through Wycombe’s midfield giving Darcy and Kym time and space to run at Wycombe’s defence.

Reading were somewhat wasteful up front for much of the half, there were at least three shots that should have been goals if someone had been on the post, but Reading kept going. Abigail came on and nearly scored with her first touch of the game and Helen also came on to add to the fire power up front, twisting and turning the Wycombe defenders.

At half time Laura confirmed we had been very wasteful up front asserting we should have been 6-0 up, however, after a bit of a goal mouth bundle Holly put one away, Abigail also put one away making up for the earlier miss and Helen K put one away reverse stick from the top of the D. This particular goal caused Wycombe much consternation, convinced the shot hadn’t been inside the D even though it had definitely crossed the line and after a quick discussion between the umpires the goal stood.

After each goal Reading lined up looking to go out hard and score another to ensure concentration levels remained high and also eager to keep a clean sheet. Reading quickly made it back down to Wycombe’s D where Helen K for at least 2 minutes seemed to forget about the rest of her team, in this team sport as she twisted and turned, maybe even twerked her away around 3 Wycombe players and round them again and maybe again too before finally passing the ball to one of her team mates! She was reminded this was a team sport at the short corner awarded seconds later.

Reading tried out a variety of short corner routines throughout the game but without success from any of them. Wycombe now encouraged by their club mates lining up on the sideline for the next game became more determined and mounted a number of attacks to keep Reading on their toes. Jess had one or two saves to make to ensure she got to touch the ball before Reading won back the ball to attack once more.

The last goal of the game came again from Helen K, an open stick shot from just inside the D. The final whistle followed not long after. Reading were delighted to win for the first time in a couple of games and to end the year on a high complete with a clean sheet.

Anna ensured Reading were very careful to warm down after the game to stretch out tired muscles ready for throwing shapes on the dance floor later, you wouldn’t want to get cramp on the dance floor now would you! A great night last night, thanks to Rachael, Chloe and team for organising.

Holly made us some delicious chocolate brownies for getting DOD last week, again everyone had seconds! Our team definitely likes cakes! Not too many over Christmas please!

MOM Helen C – for her tireless work in the middle
DOD Charlotte – for falling over at the edge of the pitch when she went to pick up the ball for a long corner

Oxford 2 – Reading 2As 0

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Saturday Nov 30th

This week the Ladies 2a’s went to Oxford, a city associated with culture and great learning, and learn the 2a’s did (not much of it was great though)! We learnt that Darcy hadn’t brushed her hair all day, we were all late and directions are not our strong point! Some got lost including Charlotte, whose text read ‘went wrong’, what this really translated to is that Charlotte got lost leaving Reading, lost somewhere between Reading and Oxford and then again somewhere in Oxford. As Charlotte later commented ‘it’s great on the days I do silly things someone else trumps me!’, and trumped she definitely was!

Holly arrived in the changing rooms with a look of panic in her eyes. Attention instantly diverted to Holly’s eye catching footwear (see picture), Holly confessed she had just realised she hadn’t brought her astros, instead leaving them by the front door at home. As there were no shoes in Holly’s size (size 3 – remember the size) in either lost property or the shop at Oxford Brooks Sports Centre Holly left with her mum to find some shoes, calling only minutes later to ask what colours we were playing in even though she’d just been in the changing room and seen everyone’s kit (and yes she was wearing the right colours).

So anyway with players still missing the 2a’s began their warm up run moaning as always that Anna makes them run too far and just finished streching when Holly returned with a new pair of very nice purple Adidas trainers in a size 5! Yes size 5….am sure Holly will happily sell them to anyone who actually is a size 5.

Reading finally got onto the pitch and had one of their better warm ups on the pitch but unfortunately started the game somewhat uncertainly lined up in unfamiliar positions with yet another different starting XI. Despite some good tackles from the back four of Darcy, Charlotte, Christine and Anna with Georgia commanding in goal Reading were 2-0 down in the first ten minutes. Reading then started to settle and give Oxford pause for thought with Kym holding the midde, switching the ball round and linking up with the forwards of Charlotte from the 3a’s, Kryssie, Philippa, Frankie and Holly.

Reading won a number of short corners and got away a number of great strikes from Kym but the Oxford goalkeeper was equal to them pulling off a number of good saves, which she unfortunately managed to do all game.

Half time. Holly asked why we were playing with 10, to which Peter explained that there were 11 players if Holly counted the goalie! We talked about wanting the ball more and being quicker to react, which Reading instantly acted upon on in the second half. Reading had more possession and made more attacks into Oxfords D. Oxford attempted a number of breaks but were kept at bay with some good channelling, hastlling and tackling. Reading had some great runs down the wings by Phil and Holly and yet again were unlucky not to score in any of the short corners they won.

Reading defended their short corners well and Georgia pulled off a great aerial save keeping the game at 0-2. A tired and somewhat relieved Reading greeted the final whistle after a tough 11 vs 15(!) game. Personal thanks to Clare and Blanche for helping the 2a’s get a team together, thanks to Tina and Georgia for stepping up from the 3′s and to Frankie and Charlotte from the 3a’s.

MOM Georgia
DOD Holly