Ladies 3

L3: Reading 5 Gerrards Cross 0

By Reading Hockey Club • Dec 10th, 2008 • Category: L3, Match Reports

With a few Shrek plasters for luck, a high spirited 3′s team took on Gerrards Cross and won! Early pressure from GC’s ‘smash it and see’ tactics were seen off by the 3′s defence and midfield.  It wasn’t long before Bev B opened the scoring with a sweep from the P spot and then scored a second on the left post a few minutes later.  With GCs heads down the 3′s cranked up the pressure and worked well as a team to create chances.  The half time score was 3-0 with Bev popping another one in from a ball crossed into the D from the right.

The second half continued with more of the same from the mighty 3′s who continued to run rings around GCs defence.  It wasn’t long before TC opened her account curving the ball around the keeper on the right post.  GC did have some chances but never looked likely to get back into the game as the Reading defence had another superb game.  TC put the game to bed with her second goal of the game with a lovely tap in on the left post.

BT had a great game on the right wing, linking up well with a suprisingly awake Sandra, who had just finished a night shift and was wearing a soaking wet kit!

Maddy had a good game in the middle too, storming forward several times and marking up well with Becs.

This was possibly the 3′s best game of the season so far, and they partied like it was 1999 at the Christmas party to celebrate!  Next week the 3′s take on 2nd in the League City of Oxford in a must win game.

TEAM: TC, Rosie, Jules, Cate, Jacqui, Sandra, Janice, Bev B, Maddy, Bev T, Becs

Player of the match:  Jacqui

Dick of the day:  Becs “Our home ground is at Loddon!”

Quote of the day:

Jacqui “I had a dream that Becs won X-factor! I was so relieved when I woke up”

L3: Banbury 0 Reading 1

By Reading Hockey Club • Nov 24th, 2008 • Category: L3, Match Reports

The three’s jetted off down the M40 early doors, with a hamper of houmous for an 11.00 o’clock showdown with Banbury. After last week’s hiccup defeat against feisty Maidenhead, the team were well up for taking three points home!

It was clear from the outset that Reading were by far the better team, outclassing and out playing Banbury at every turn in the first half. It wasn’t long before the threes were camped in Banbury’s twenty five trying valiantly to break through all eleven of Banbury’s defence who in all fairness did an alright job at keeping shots off target. Banbury’s three trips into Readings half were dismissed easily by the defiant Reading defence who sent the play back down the other end of the pitch before Banbury had any chance at pushing forward.

During the first half TC had a close call when Banbury’s keeper hoofed the ball into the air missing her face by a millimetre! Nice ducking! The awarded short corner saw one of Readings better chances when a shot from the top of the D pinged from player to player in front of the goal before being chipped off the left post.

The second half kicked off and Banbury finally decided that they had come to play hockey! The Reading defence did well to mark Banbury’s forwards and despite two short corners Banbury never really looked likely to threaten the blues. Some dubious umpiring decisions (and lack of) saw the game becoming more physical in the threes attacking D as Reading tried to get the goal(s) they deserved. The girls didn’t have long to wait for this goal to come as a ball played down the right hand side of the pitch found its way to Becs at the top of the D who well and truly nailed it in to the back of the goal! Get in!

This much needed goal gave Reading a big boost and the traffic was pretty much all one way for the remainder of the second half. The game ended 1-0 to Reading, a well deserved three points put the 3s back up to 4th place in division 2. In a league where there are five points between the top four teams there is everything to play for!

Team: Rosie, Tracie, Becs, Janice, Sue, Jules, Sandra, Jacqui, Becky, Vicky aka (little Timmy), Maddy (and her flip flops!) and Bevo

Man of the match: Becs, playing her socks off and scoring a brilliant goal!

Dick of the day: Bevo, hitting herself in the face tearing shirt tape before the game and putting two sitters wide.

Many thanks to Bevo, who has kindly donated the most obscenely large trophy for dick of the day…sadly she had to take it back home this week!


Becs “Jules, wouldn’t it be cool if that was short for Julia”……erm it is!

Bev “Did I have miss two shots on goal, I can only remember one?!?”