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Reading 2As 1 – Hampstead & Westminster 3

By Reading Hockey Club • Nov 20th, 2013 • Category: M2A, Match Reports

Saturday 16th November

On a cold Saturday morning, the 2A’s met to play their toughest game of the season to date. A top of the table class between two teams who had only lost 2 points between them after 8 games. It was a chance for Reading to recover from what was a poor performance against Southgate that resulted in a miserable 1-1 draw. Hampstead and Westminster were the opponents and youthful side were to face them. With none of the usually centre backs in the team, Scott Wall on début for the season and Toby Heywood Bourne stepped up to plate and had a great game.

The game started at a fast pace with both teams pushing for that early goal to get the upper hand, but both teams seemed to be more focused on not con seeding first that most attacks broke down quite early. Unfortunately for Reading, Hampstead and Westminster were the first to break the dead lock. Realising that there was a lot to do Reading pushed forward with unfortunately nothing to show for their hard work until Cooky flung the ball at the goal and a H&M defender clearing it off the line straight into a Reading player. A Stroke was the call from the Umpires and who else to take it that the always reliable Reza. On the stroke of half time this was to take the teams level into the break. With the Ladies 1A’s watching from the cage the pressure was on. But pressure didn’t seem to be in Reza’s vocabulary as the ball bulleted to the top left hand corner, Game On!

Scoring the goal just before halftime gave Reading the upper hand at the start of the second half. We were in command of the game, camping in the opponents half for the first 15 minutes. It was only a matter of time before the ball went in the back of the net. But it never came and before we knew we were a man down and they were 3-1 up. This is how it stayed until the final whistle. A disappointing end to a good performance but we will bounce back next week against mid table side Tulse Hill.

Southgate 1 – Reading 2As 1

By Reading Hockey Club • Nov 9th, 2013 • Category: M2A, Match Reports

A long time ago (Sat 9th) in a galaxy far far away (Southgate) an epic battle was fought betwixt Southgate and Reading. With the rain clattering down upon the sticks of men the umpires began the game. The bought began slowly with Southgate having the upper hand.

Around 15 minutes into this torrid tale the ball was given away in the Reading midfield allowing the Southgate striker to press the Walls of Mordor with a penetrating blow. 1-0. Reading fought back with some good skills from the young squire Jack Whelan and stick skills menace Josh Clarke providing a short corner chance. The one the only Cookie Monster rocked up to the top of D and, even after losing rock paper scissors, slotted it away with some strong help from the Southgate boot.

The umpires called a rest to the match and the soldiers retreated to the defences. An inspirational teamtalk from Readings returning leader John Bishop left the Reading players ready with some strong paraphrasing from 300, “ready your breakfast and eat hearty for tonight we beat Southgate!”.

The umpires drew their whistles and began the second episode of carnage. The minutes rolled on and tension was rising with both teams battling for the winning goal. A breakaway chance for Southgate resulted in an individual battle betwixt Andy (The hobbit) and an anonymous forward dubbed Gollum. As both members battled for the ball (the ring) the hobbit was cleaned out by Gollum resulting in a yellow card for Gollum and a free hit for Southgate?!?! The game entered the depths of the final 10 minutes and Reading were knock knock knocking on heavens doors fighting to get the winning goal. For one player, who may or may not be the writer of this report, it all got a bit much and the umpires had to contain him with a yellow card. The bought was brought to an end with the umpires whistle and the points were shared. All Reading can do now is to look on to next week against Hampstead and prepare with a quote from Michael Jordan:

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Wimbledon 0 Reading Mens 2As 4

By Reading Hockey Club • Oct 20th, 2013 • Category: M2A, Match Reports

The day Saturday 19th October, the match Wimbledon away, the stage was set for a battle to end all battles.

After a bass defying and sat nav eluding journey Reading rocked up a cracking hour early to the game. With the rain drizzling and 10 out of the 11 players in sky blue, the umpires began the ordeal.

After a hard fought, competitive start from both sides, Reading took the first swing with a goal to showcase the talent in the 2A’s, involving the all too familiar quick passing and flare from the youngsters. As the rain stopped and the game levelled out, the game then took a turn for the worse.

A sniper had appeared atop the clubhouse roof and took out Reading’s own Timon (without Pumbaa), to the delight of C-K despite actually having the ball at the same time. The umpires decided it wasn’t safe playing with a gunman on the loose and decided to call it half time. Feeling like the mighty 300 waiting for the inspirational team talk from Leonidas, Henry sat us all down and told told us to breathe and talk amongst ourselves. With this invigorating speech, and the removal of the gunman, the Rapid Reading 11 took the pitch for the second time.

Opening with a strong start Reading saw a endangering end to Julius with him needing special medical attention from Mr Ryde’s girlfriend to attend to the poorly finger and tell him to be a big boy. Reading felt for their fallen comrade and continued with 10 for the time being, only to be surprised when, as if risen from the dead, Julius returned to put away a controversial goal whilst having sticks thrown at him and standing on the keeper, solid.

The game continued and tensions rose between the teams as Wimbledon began to understand the force they were dealing with. Reading kept the pressure on nicely and won a short corner. As the whistle blew everyone knew this was it, the flick to beat all keepers from none other than Timon himself. The ball flew into the top left corner and the roar of a 1000 meerkats ripped through the Wimbledon area, 3-0. The game was nearing its inevitable end and looked to be finishing with the same score line but through sheer defiance and some astounding stick skills Josh crashed through the weak Wimbledon defence and slotted home Reading’s 4th. The match neared its final moments and with the battle almost won tensions blew up when Timon decided it was cuddle time with the Wimbledon CB and well it just had to be done. The umpires brought the bought to an end with Reading taking the well deserved 3 points home to remain unbeaten and top of the league.

A Spartan like performance from Reading with Josh as MOM and Timon as DOD we go heads held high and sticks ready for battle next week.