Blue Army

Blue Army

Reading hockey Club has its own unique set of supporters...they are collectively known as The Blue Army.

They can be found watching any hockey game where there is a Reading Team playing. It doesn't matter what age or level the team are at, what matters is that there are supporters on the side of the pitch shouting encouragement to all players.

The Blue Army are traditionally dressed as Smurfs, some kitted out more than most, but you will usually see a Smurf hat or two gallantly standing head and shoulders above the usual spectator.
Reading Onesies are also a popular choice of dress, although some members only wear them on special occasions, they can be seen at a number of games making the opposition supporters green with envy !

You might also be lucky enough to be near the drummers and the odd blue flare (although these are only allowed in areas where there are no roofs - European stands are not ventilated as much as we thought !!!!)

They have also been known to travel....previously they had been found and heard at the European Tournaments and the National Indoor finals.

They can be a little loud (!) notably at the Indoor Finals, where the quote from a Ladies 1st team player was "The Blue Army support was incredible, so much so that at times it was difficult to hear ourselves on the pitch" !!

They are the definitely the extra player for the team.

Any club member has automatic entry into the Blue Army, the membership fees are waived in view of the fact that we are all passionate about the game of hockey and especially the Reading Teams !

Some come along to a Reading game and become a 'Ding who supports their club Loud and Proud !