Welcome to RHC'S Umpires Corner
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1. Welcome to RHC'S Umpires Corner

Welcome to Reading Hockey Club’s Umpire Community.

We are the third team on the pitch
and are proud of being part of the game of hockey.

Every weekend the club has to adhere to numerous league and association regulations to provide umpires at every level from Thames Valley Mini’s to National League games and cup competitions.
So that we can participate in all these games we need a large pool of umpires.
These umpires need to be of all levels from beginners to the very experienced

The club sees the creation and development of an Umpire Community within the club as a priority moving forward.

To increase participation and create this community of club umpires, we are looking to build an umpiring hub that will look at supporting all aspects of umpiring where you will be able to discuss scenarios, rule interpretations, get tips and tricks and coaching to improve your confidence and performance.
This will help those who have never blown a whistle before to how to umpire a top level game.

It is about building a place and network where umpires can go to to ask for help and guidance.

We want to be a club that is known for its hospitality, respect on and off the pitch and a club where umpires and officials can come to and are made to feel welcome.

Reading HC Umpire Development Programme :
• Increase Participation,
• Create an umpiring community within the club,
• Builds Respect within the Hockey Community
• Create Pride in being the Third Team,

The Aim is to:
• Encourage new umpires
• Give coaching to current umpires
• Develop umpires to become better umpires